Mont Blanc

The Alps are fantastic: mighty and delicate at the same time, depending on the benchmark. And who can resist the lure of the iconic Monte Bianco? I was weak, I could not. So, I rushed into relationship with this mountain and, as it happens with rushed relationships, it started with a mistake. Like snowboarding from the top. A good adventure in itself, it is a pleasant one until you hit a reverse angle on the decent.  That is the moment of belated wisdom “Why on earth have not I double- checked with the guide how many hills we are to cross when descending, and how high they  are???”

At the end of the18-hour day, after descending 3800 m on board & foot to Chamonix, having lost 2 toenails in this battle, I swore to pick up skiing again.

That was long ago. Since then almost every year I have made a point to come back to MontBlanc. Our relationship got much more balanced with time.


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