If you are a vegetarian – tough life. The food culture on the mountain spins around Asado, definitely not supporting your life choice. Here is a quote from our discussion with one very friendly Gaucho over a breakfast table at 5:00 a.m.

The menu was cold selection of grilled meats and other pieces of animal.

– Us, bewildered: “…?”

– Gaucho: “How often do you eat meat?”

– My friend: “well, not so often…”

– Gaucho, after pausing and obvious hesitation: “You can not afford?”

It turned out a successful person should have meat with every meal and turning down Asado, this friendly ritual, is perceived as very weird if not impolite. Thanks to tourists flow, the idea that some people prefer to “eat like cows” will be accepted and catered for, but you will still be looked on as an alien. We found a middle ground by participating in common Asado bringing corn, cheese and bell peppers and claiming a big part of delicious freshly made guacamole. Polenta is your big friend.

Bottom-line: make a special point to your outfitter (repeat it!) and /or stock up on vegetarian options.

If you are not a vegetarian – you are in the land of your dream! Argentinians are superb meat cooks. Steaks are sublime and local wine makes a perfect match. I should say no more.


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