Mount Kosciuszko Route

When planning, your most important logistical decision is – where to sleep on the night before and on the night after. Or at least on the night after, since you can just drive-in the Park before the hike. Technically you can also just drive out after…but do not do it, even if your Australian itinerary is very full. We tried. It was silly.

First of all – this setup seriously limits the quantities of your picnic Chardonnay (or whatever you fancy). And why would you do it to yourself?

Secondly – the place is beautiful and you do want to celebrate it with a good hike. Hence, while a multi-day trip may be for the hiking aficionado, a full day of 15 – 25 k would allow you to do it justice. And it would make you somewhat tired… You can sleep at Thredbo or Charlotte Pass and negotiate a drop-off and / or pick up after your hike, and looking back, I would do just that.

After you’ve chosen a place to sleep, things are straightforward. The paths are clearly marked and you will get a map at the Information Office. Just choose the route, the distance and off you go!

We chose to make a circle starting at the Charlotte Pass, through the Rawsons Pass, the Snowy River, the Seamans Hut, through the top of Mt Kosciuszko peak, followed by a small detour to the top of Mount Townsend 2,209 m (7,247 ft), continuing back to the Charlotte Pass via Albina Lake and Club Lake. It gives an opportunity to see places less visited, were at times the route turns to barely noticeable path. Wilderness is what we love about hiking, don’t you think? Besides, the top of Mount Townsend is an excellent picnic spot. If it is windy – just get a few steps down and enjoy your sandwich with a lake view!


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