Kosciuzsko Training

Limiting number of hours you spend in front of any type of screens and taking a daily walk (to the closet grocery shop, with your dog, to a cool lunch place, etc) would pretty much qualify for the training you need. Well, maybe, I’m underplaying this hill just a little bit. But it all depends on you! Because you can adopt “tick the box” strategy and almost drive to the top, walking the rest in moderate heels, but it would not do justice to the beauty of this place. On the other hand you can also make a fantastic 20-mile trek up and around the mountain, also visiting the neighboring Mount Townsend, as a tribute to the fact that it had been called Mt. Kosciuszko for decades and believed to be the highest point in Australia.

That would demand a bit more training than limiting your TV hours, making a nice day hike for a moderately fit person. Personally, I think anyone can do it without additional preparation, but you do not want to be extra tired in the evening, do you? So run about 5 k (2,5 miles) two – three times a week for a few months before and the trek will turn to pure pleasure!


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