We have asked a veteran-climbing Sherpa what is needed to go up the mountain? He took a deep breath and said “you have to pray a lot”. And you know what? It is a damn good idea! And you also have to get the foundation right: right training, right equipment and right team.

While you are working on it and thinking the expedition through again and again, a lot of questions will pop up. That’s very good – it means you are getting ready. At that stage we were lucky to be able to simply write a mail to our friend who summited Everest in 2011 (we did Elbrus together and he was an extraordinary prudent climber).  He would come back with “sweat this” / “do not sweat that” comments and restore our piece of mind. I do not know if you have such a fellow climber at hand, but if not – drop me a line and I would try to help.

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