Mont Blanc Equipment

If you attempt MontBlanc, you already know basic gear and dressing principles.

Mont Blanc Equipment

Here is the funny thing – you cannot skim on equipment, but in 90% of cases you are likely to use only half. When you see the top of the mountain from the wine-bar in Chamonix it is very tempting to go light. That is exactly the way how one can get in trouble.

That’s what I do myself and advise my friends:

  1. If you do not have double boots – you most probably can do without, unless you contemplate a winter ascent. The risk area here is how wet they will get inside and if you will be able to dry them overnight.
  2. A down parka is a good idea any season: perfect in camp and for the summit push on a windy day
  3. I always carry 2 pairs of gloves/mittens and have a system that fixes my gloves to my shell. The slopes of MontBlanc are steep and icy and once your glove falls, you will not be able to retrieve it.
  4. If you sleep in a tent, you still can go and order your meal from the Hut, (although I think cooking your own is more fun)
  5. If you are not on skies, consider snowshoes. Especially if you follow The Cosmique – The Grands Mulets Route. There may be cases when not having snowshoes will prevent you from climbing the summit. (There also may be cases when you have “highway” track up and down.)
  6. Do your rope work, you are in the glacier area. And it is a good training!

Mont Blanc Equipment

A lot will depend on where you plan to sleep (in case you do) – in a hut or in a tent?

If in a tent – throw in the usual camping essentials and take a shovel!


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