Olga Kotova


Since school I have had a feeling that I should dive the Mariana trench one day, while mountains seemed far out of reach, a realm of brutal bearded alpinists. It turned the other way round – mountains are dear to my heart and I’m happy to spend months on high altitude, while the Mariana trench is definitely out of reach. At least for now.

If not for the mountains, I would never have met many good, kind, extraordinary people who tend to congregate there in numbers. I am not sure what the cause is and what the consequences are, but I believe that mountains do reveal the best qualities of people and help to connect to a happier self. So, a little bit in the “hug the trees” and “save the willies” way I believe that if more people experienced the joy of climbing, the world would become a better place (well, at least a bit, egh?)

The other thing I was dreaming of at school was freedom of movement around the globe, sticking my nose in remote places and puzzling cultures and sticking my fingers in pots with bizarre foods.

From love of mountains and love of movement the 7 summits project was born.


Vadim Prudnikov


Vadim can be found in the sky, under water or on a mountain, but rarely at home. He climbs, dives, flies and refuses to say what he likes better, but friends suspect that crossing meridians on a 340 echelon is what makes him tick.

All of the above is photo-captured and short breaks in between are devoted to sorting piles of paper and e-photos.

He made majority of pictures on this site.

When asked what his next big dream is he points somewhere towards the sea and mentions going for a sail one day.


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