Elbrus Training

Elbrus training

Mountaineering skills

Self – arrest is the most important one on this Mountain. Even on the South side many places are kind of steep and could be icy; fall could result in a long slide. Good news – during acclimatization days you will have plenty of time to refresh your skills on the gentle slopes around the Camp.

Fit & Cardio

With +/- 2000 m (6500 ft) elevation gain summit bid is a loooong day and can easily turn into 15 hrs hike. I’d say endurance-wise it is more difficult than the normal routes on MontBlanc, since elevation is a factor. However the route itself is more mellow.

To feel comfortable, run 1 – 1,5 hrs 3 times a week and make a 5 – 6 hrs hike over weekend. If you are not there yet, but dying to see this mountain, opting for a snow cat may be a wise idea. An extra day of acclimatization would also be a great help.


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